Transgenderism: Confusion in Culture, Clarity in Christ - Ben Mathew

The issue of Transgenderism seems to have exploded on the national scene. We see it celebrated in movies and TV shows, hear it debated in the political news cycle and see it played out on sports field and locker rooms at school.  Christians feel the the effects of this shifting reality and many respond either in frustration and withdrawal, or believe we need to change and accept the redefinitions of gender as described by culture. This session will seek to provide a space where we can understand what transgenderism is about and how Christians and the Church can have a compassionate response that is rooted in the Bible and relevant for today. 

Five Certainties in the Light of Tragic Events - Dr. Larry Dixon

How is the believer to respond to the evil in our world, such as occurred in Parkland, Florida, Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas?  What can we Christian leaders say with conviction to God’s people without fear of contradiction that will help them in our broken, violent, destructive world?

Ministering to the Quartet of the Vulnerable - Ben Jimenez

“Thus says the Lord of hosts, Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another, 10 do not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the sojourner, or the poor," Zechariah 7:9-10a. This is a seminar on how the church can faithfully and practically minister to the widows, orphans, foreigners and the poor of our society while keeping the preaching of the gospel at the center of her mission.


Courageous Preaching:  The Spirit of God and Today’s Preacher - Dr. Larry Dixon

How does the Holy Spirit help us communicate God’s Word fearlessly?  In a world of opinions and I-think-so’s, from where does the preacher get his confidence that he is proclaiming the very Word of God?

A Blueprint for Christian Maturity - Chuck Gianotti

This workshop will investigate what spiritual maturity should look like, as outlined in the qualifications listed for elders of the church. We will be presenting a method of teaching these as a framework for all believers toward spiritual growth. This will be applicable to Christians at all stages in their spiritual journey, from new Christians to seasoned saints, for those just “learning” what Christian maturity is, to those who want to help others learn what the target is, what we are shooting for.

Practical and Effective Leadership of Teams and Ministries - Chuck Gianotti

So you have been asked to lead a group of people or you see a ministry in need of good leadership? Many efforts rise and fall on simple, but effective principles for leading, coordinating, or facilitating. Whether you are organizing a church-wide banquet, leading a small group, facilitating traffic flow in the parking lot, running an elders’ or deacons or ladies meeting, organizing a committee – anything involving three or more people – this workshop will help you develop the skills for successful, practical  leading.

Plurality of Elders Does Not Mean We Don’t Have a Pastor - Chuck Gianotti

In an genuine effort to describe assemblies to those outside of our movement, we often wrongly lead with a negative statement, like “We don’t have a pastor!” - and then endlessly qualify that statement. This workshop will look at the wisdom and positive benefits of plural leadership as a better pastoral model than a one-man pastor model, and how to communicate this truth effectively.

Doesn't Paul Read His Own Mail? - Bob Deffinbaugh

Why is it necessary for the church to have two almost identical lists of character qualifications for elders in 1 Timothy and Titus?  This seminar will seek to show the unique contribution of each epistle and the significance of this for the church today, including churches with existing elders.  We will also demonstrate why 1 Timothy deals with deacons and Titus does not.


The Present Work of Christ: A Study in the Epistle to the Hebrews - Dr. David MacLeod

A largely neglected aspect of Christology is the present work of our Lord. It is the goal of this session to consider the New Testament author who has the most to say about the subject. There are three reasons for such a study: (1) To neglect any theme central to apostolic Christianity can impoverish Christians and the church. (2) Attention needs to be drawn to some aspects of the subject neglected in earlier studies of Hebrews. (3) It is my hope that the material presented will aid Bible students who teach and write on the Christology of the New Testament.

The Christian and Creation: Toward a Biblical Theology of the Environment - Sean Lillis

Is there a distinctively Christian theological approach to the environment? Do theology and ecology even belong together in the same sentence? Is there any biblical ethic regarding managing and mitigating current and potential environmental issues? Does caring for the environment matter given that God will one day recreate the earth? This seminar will examine the biblical texts related to these issues with a goal of establishing a biblical theology of the environment that can assist Christians and churches in developing Christian considerations related to the environment.

Important Issues Today in the Doctrine of Inspiration and Inerrancy - Dr. Jack Fish

This session will examine current challenges to the doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy in our culture. It will also discuss the biblical response to these challenges.


Unlike Jesus:  The Lost Art of Being a Friend of Sinners - Dr. Larry Dixon

Jesus was a friend of sinners (Mt. 11:19).  And we often aren’t. We are not to be a “friend of the world” (James 4:4). And we often are. What’s the difference? And what are we so afraid of?

Implementing a Missional (Outreach) Church Model - Reagan Banasky

In this seminar, we will look at how to establish an outreach ministry in your home and/or church. We will also examine the biblical basis for the outreach model presented. Attendees will walk away with a four-step outreach model and a list of resources that will enable them to begin reaching out to their neighbors and community with the gospel.

Created in His Image - Dr. Lisa Beatty

Genesis 1:26-28 teaches that we are all created in the image of God, and He has given us specific work to do—“be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion…over every living thing that moves on the earth.” As His image bearers, we are called to reflect His character and worship and glorify Him with our lives. How can we as women imitate God and create order, beauty, and abundance in our own contexts of service?

"I Am Not Ashamed”: No Regrets with Jesus Christ - Dr. Mark Stevenson

As Paul comes to the end of his life and finds himself in prison for serving Christ, he declares, “But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed…” (2 Tim. 1:12). As Christians we will face hardships in this life (e.g. 2 Tim. 3:12). We will inevitably have our own personal regrets. But like Paul we will never have regrets with the Lord Jesus Christ! This seminar explores why living for Christ is worth it and why the direction of our lives should be Christ-centered.


Helping People Keep the Faith During Seasons of Suffering - Evan Welcher

How can those in church leadership minister to others while they are in the midst of suffering? How can leaders help fellow believers keep the faith while enduring seasons of great pain? This seminar will focus on the three principles of lament, confession, and communion, as well as the many Scriptures which God has given to us to help us keep the faith.  

Serving in the Face of Affliction - Mike Eells

In reading 2 Timothy, we discover that Paul faced resistance from all sides, from the World's persecution (1:8), to disloyalty and desertion from those within the church (1:15; 4:10). How is it that Paul could serve the Lord and the churches so faithfully, and in the face of various trials? How can we who minister for Christ, remain motivated and content in the face of affliction? To answer that question, we will reflect on important principles from 2 Timothy.

The Enduring Value of Biblical Higher Education - Dr. Lisa Beatty

The Barna Group recently conducted research to study public perceptions relative to higher education, particularly biblical higher education. A key research question explored the reasons why students pursue higher education. The top three reasons for all U.S. adults were (1) prepare for a specific job or career, (2) increase financial opportunities, and (3) stay competitive in today’s job market. In other words—career, career, career. Results were exactly the same for evangelical students.

The college years are critical—18 to 24-year-olds are becoming who they will be as adults—and the college experience has long-term influence on faith, relationships, and vocation. Is college only about preparing for an occupation? Or should we be considering college’s influence on our preoccupations, those things that motivate and inspire us? How should we as parents and church leaders counsel students making these critical college choice decisions? How can we guide them to prepare for their calling, not simply for a career?

This session will explore the Barna research and make a case for the value of biblical higher education in preparing graduates for occupations AND for a lifelong, gospel preoccupation fostered through direct study of the Bible and an environment conducive to spiritual growth.

Faithful Living in a Fallen World - JJ Routley

It is increasingly difficult to live as a Christian in our secularized society. Christians are asked to compromise their faith in large and small ways on an almost daily basis. How can young people today stay true to the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world that is constantly attempting to squeeze them into its mold? This session will explore Paul's final letter to Timothy to gain insight into how the apostle encouraged the young man to stay strong in his faith in the midst of a pagan society antagonistic to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to be a Young Leader - JJ Routley

Can you be “young” and be a “leader?” In Paul’s final letter to Timothy, he encourages the young leader to “Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, the treasure which has been entrusted to you,” (2 Timothy 1:14). This seminar will examine the last letter of Paul as words of instruction for young leaders, discuss some of the challenges young leaders face today, and offer ways to counter those challenges.

Teaching Women About Worship: Sharing the Fragrance of Christ with the Next Generation - Fazie Wellskopf

What is the fragrance of Christ in worship and how do we teach it to the next generation? How do we cultivate this worship? Does this mean that everyday is Sunday? This workshop will explore the communication of worship to future generations of women.


Predicación Cristo-Centrica - Ben Jimenez

"Y comenzando desde Moisés, y siguiendo por todos los profetas, les declaraba en todas las Escrituras lo que de él decían." Lucas 24:27. Herramientas hermenéuticas y exegéticas, básicas, y prácticas para estudiar y predicar toda la Biblia como el drama de la redención del cual Jesús y su evangelio son el punto central. Cómo predicar un sermón de las Escrituras que es fiel a la intención original del autor y al mismo tiempo nos apunta hacia el evangelio de Jesucristo y su poder transformador.

Ministrando al Cuarteto de los Vulnerables - Ben Jimenez

"Así habló Jehová de los ejércitos, diciendo: Juzgad conforme a la verdad, y haced misericordia y piedad cada cual con su hermano; no oprimáis a la viuda, al huérfano, al extranjero ni al pobre;" Zacarías 7:9-10a. Un seminario sobre como puede la iglesia ministrar fiel y prácticamente a las viudas, los huérfanos, los extranjeros y los pobres de nuestra sociedad, al mismo tiempo que ella mantiene la predicación del evangelio al centro de su misión.

“Ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo;” y si mi prójimo es gay? - Juan Arjona

En este seminario se presentarán los conflictos que personas en nuestras iglesias experimentan entre su fe y atracción sexual por personas del mismo sexo. Los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de clarificar confusiones y obtener estrategias para acompañar y ayudar a personas que experimentan este dilema.

La identidad de género y el rol de la iglesia - Juan Arjona

En este seminario se proveerán explicaciones y clarificaciones relacionados a la identidad de género que afecta a nuestra sociedad en general y a nuestra comunidad cristiana en particular. Los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de obtener una mayor comprensión del constructo disforia de género y de esa manera ayudar a aquellos que lo experimentan con gracia, compasión y verdad.