The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation - Ben Mathew

Black Lives Matter, Alt-Right, Police Shootings, White Nationalism. Bring any of these topics up in a group of people and you’re sure to be met with a number of responses; anger, hope, frustration, etc. How do we as Christians respond to these issues and to the larger cultural discussion as it relates to race and ethnicity? As our communities and churches are becoming more diverse, we as Christians need to provide a clear and compassionate response to the divisions in our nation. This session will provide a biblical narrative of how God views culture, His plan for redemption and our joy and responsibility to be part of His work.  

What Can I Do in a Racially Divided World? - Dr. Tony Hart

In a world so racially divided, what can a believer in Christ do? Dr. Hart offers three biblical principles in this seminar: be a Kingdom prophet, be salt and light, and be angry and sin not.

Social Justice and the Church - JJ Routley

Christians are “to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life,” (1 Timothy 6:18-19). The witness of Scripture is clear that good works are to have a prominent place in the life of a Christian. Yet many today have questions about the relationship between good works, the gospel, and the body of Christ. This session will examine how our good works are to complement and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.


 The Christian Leader and His Family - Chuck Gianotti

Someone once said that Christian ministry is the one task large enough for anyone who dares to engage in it. There is no end to what can be done for the Lord. How can we tame guilt for not doing more for the Lord’s work, and how can we guard our prior responsibility to our primary discipleship group in our own home, namely, our families? Can we serve God well as leaders in the church and also have a spouses and children who grow spiritually and love the Lord? This workshop will look at balancing our different roles in a biblically informed and God-honoring way, while avoiding the danger of losing our marriages and children in the process.

A Theology of 1 Timothy 5:17-18: Its Responsibility, Limitations and Application - Chuck Gianotti

Bible-believing churches have had a love-hate relationship with this passage, and its “double-honor” due to the elders who work hard at leading, teaching and preaching. This workshop will look into a responsible exegesis of the passage and how we dare not ignore its responsibilities, nor its limitations. We also will consider some specific issues in its application.

Prayer in the Local Church: Is it Really All that Vital? - Dr. Steve Price

Our local gathering has had the privilege of being flat on our backs and thus the privilege to cry out to our Father in prayer. We were enrolled in (to borrow from Andrew Murray) "The School of Prayer," but this time for our meeting. This seminar will investigate the heart of prayer, its necessity, and its value to the church as a corporate body. We will delve into practical methodology but recognize that it is not strategy that makes us pray, but His Spirit. For the local church, we will attempt to add skin and bones to the request "Lord, teach us to pray," (Luke 11:1).

Training the Next Generation of Leaders - Roy Kosin

Where are the Timothys, Tituses, and Epaphrodituses of today? Is it possible to find those who can replace the current leaders in our churches? If so, how do we train this next generation that has been so impacted by the current culture rather than by the Word of God? In this seminar, we will seek to answer these questions and examine, in light of today’s culture, the unchanging biblical principles Paul used to train Timothy. Are you willing and ready to equip the next generation of leaders for godliness?


The Millennial Reign of Jesus on Earth: Why the Future Matters Today - Sean Lillis

Is there really going to be a literal, earthly Millennial Kingdom? This seminar will seek to establish the biblical teaching on the glory of that future kingdom and its impact for believers today.

Guarding and Discarding: The Keys to Sound Theology (1 Timothy 4:20-21) - Dr. Larry Dixon

How do we practically protect and pass on the essential truths of the Christian faith? What does it mean that the faith has been given to us as a "trust"? Why do some fall into apostasy?


Theology of Work - Dr. Steve Price

Just what does the Bible have to say about my job anyway? If you are like me, the daily grind of routine employment has the blessing of provision but potholes that can break one's spiritual ankle. Everything from my attitudes to the job, to temptations, to public testimony at office functions, and to bitterness when treated poorly are just a few of the topics of the seminar. All such considerations come from the road I have traveled these last 29 years. These are things I wish I knew when I started out on my journey of work.

Sanctified Hedonism: The Case for "Worldly Saints" (1 Timothy 4:1-5) - Dr. Larry Dixon

How is the believer in Jesus to be a holy hedonist and how does 1 Timothy 4:1-5 relate to our living in this world?

Finding A Home For The Suffering In The Church - Evan Welcher

When one hurts we all hurt. We all want the body of Christ to be a people of shelter to those who have been beaten up by life, but all too often Church has become the people around whom we have learned to fake it. How do we make Church home for The Fellowship Of The Suffering?


The Lord's Training Program - Dr. Steve Price

I have often wondered what it would be like to be student with the disciples. I have wondered about His teaching style, His personal handling of the student, the emotions of the teacher and whether or not He would let them see His emotions. I have wondered about His strategy and what was important to emphasize. In this seminar, we will attempt to answer such questions and more with specific focus of how this might be done in and through any brother or sister in the church. In the end, we all train or mentor somebody--whether knowingly or unknowingly, and whether good or bad. I prefer to know the Lord's approach.

Sing for joy: Seeking one voice on music in the local church (Romans 15:5-6) - Dr. Lisa Beatty

This session discusses the call of God in Romans 5 to glorify Him with "one voice." It includes practical approaches to resolving tensions related to issues of musical style.

Spiritual Doubt in Adolescence - Seth Scott

As young people progress through the natural process of development in adolescence, they transition from children directed by their parents to adults empowered to make their own decisions. This progression requires the careful and progressive adjustment of responsibility and control over beliefs, decisions, values, and worldviews from the parents to the developing experience and perspective of the youth. In this process of individuation and ownership of identity and belief, spiritual doubt is a normal process of testing the assumed values and beliefs from childhood through the lens of experience in this new adult reality. This seminar will explore the positive function of spiritual doubt as a useful developmental task of identity and individuation in adolescence and provide practical tools and recommendations for how parents and youth workers can encourage the exploration of faith and doubt in a supportive environment.

When Leading Hurts: Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Ministry - Juan Arjona

Participants will understand the meaning of compassion fatigue and its prevalence in ministry leaders. This seminar will present approaches and strategies to identify is someone's feelings of depletion are due to burnout. Moreover, this session will uncover common myths and distortions that prevent ministry leaders from getting the help that they need. Lastly, practical steps to avoid this condition will be presented.

Louder Than Words - Jon Glock

We often hear these expressions: "Talk is cheap" and "Actions speak louder than words." In a culture of chaos, the call for Christian character is clear. How can young people and adults practically heed Paul's instruction to Timothy to live exemplary lives? In this session we will consider numerous practical ways to live our lives Louder than Words

Mentoring and Teaching the Next Generation - A team of women from Wauwatosa Bible Chapel, introduced by Ruth Schwertfeger

This seminar is a team effort that will present ideas and strategies that have been used both in the home and in the church to engage young people as they face the challenges of contemporary life, as well as their role in the local church.  Each of the women on the team is married with children and has been actively involved in teaching.  The seminar is designed to encourage audience participation and the sharing of experiences.  The goal is to generate a conversation about creating a healthy atmosphere for young people, especially in the 12-18 age group—and thus prepare them to serve the local church.        

The Prayers of Women in the Early Church - Ruth Schwertfeger

This seminar will focus on how the ministry of men like Timothy and John were influenced and shaped by the prayers of women. What can we learn today from these women about the power of prayer in our local  churches? Can we identify the obstacles that might thwart that work? Finally, what connects these women of prayer with their counterparts in the Old Testament Scriptures?

A History of African American Assemblies in the US - Dr. Donovan Case

Dr. Case, author of A History of African American Assemblies in the US, tells the story of how God worked through immigrants from the Caribbean islands to reach African Americans for Christ.


Levantando al caído: La salud mental y el rol de la iglesia - Juan Arjona

En este seminario se describirán diferentes concepciones que cristianos suelen tener sobre salud mental. Serán presentados distintos puntos de vista sobre las causas de las enfermedades mentales. Por otra parte se debatirá recomendaciones para reconocer y asistir a aquellos que están padeciendo malestar psicológico. Por último, se describirán los indicadores para reconocer cuándo es necesaria la  intervención profesional.

El Temor de Dios y la Vida de Santidad - Ian Taylor

¿Estamos andando bien enyugados con el Señor? Si es así, nuestra conducta y comportamiento manifestará una relación muy íntima con el Señor. Por eso, Pablo advertió a Timoteo que su conducta debía reflejar algo del carácter del Señor Jesucristo y así tuviera más efectividad sirviendo en la iglesia de Efeso. El ejemplo del Señor Jesús es nuestra meta. Si el ejercicio corporal para poco es provechoso, ¿cuánto más los ejercicios espirituales que nos lleva a la piedad y las bendiciones. El camino de la obediencia y el temor de Dios es siempre el camino de bendiciones. 1 Timoteo 4:11-14