Session 1 – Thursday Evening

 Dr. Mark Stevenson

Dr. Mark Bailey

Our Confidence in Christ as Savior (2 Tim. 1:1-12)

Living and serving in the Spirit is possible even in the midst of suffering because of who we know Jesus to be and what he has done for us.

Session 2 – Friday Morning

Alexander Strauch

A Serious Call to Guard the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:13-18)

Paul’s final words to Timothy are “guard the gospel.” Troublesome times lie ahead. But God has provided Timothy with all the resources he needs to fulfill the task of guarding the gospel and proclaiming the gospel.


Session 3 – Friday Afternoon

 Dave Anderson

Alexander Strauch

A Serious Call to Steadfast Endurance in the Face of Suffering (2 Tim. 2:1-13)

Paul not only commands Timothy to endure suffering, but also provides him with creative metaphors and motivational reasons to persevere in suffering.

Session 4 – Friday Evening


Dr. Mark Bailey

Our Commitment to Christ as Master (2 Tim. 2:14-26)

The dedication to the diligence of study on the one hand, and sanctification on the other, are critical commitments to effective ministry.

Session 5 – Saturday Morning

 Dr. Jack Fish

Dr. Mark Stevenson

What to Do in Difficult Times (2 Tim. 3:1-17)

Paul openly acknowledges that the times in which believers find themselves are difficult. People in these last days are self-centered and ungodly in countless ways. They oppose and even persecute Christians. How was Timothy to navigate such difficult times? Likewise, how do we respond? Despite the challenges, Paul offers tremendous help and hope in this chapter. Above all he reminds us that we are not left to ourselves. We have been given the Holy Scriptures which make us wise for salvation, and teach, reprove, correct, train, and equip us to live for God in difficult times.


Session 6 – Saturday Afternoon

 Dr. Mark Stevenson

Raju Kunjummen

The Call and Reward for Faithful Service (2 Tim. 4:1-8)

Ministry in the assembly of God’s people cannot meaningfully take place without a central role for the Scriptures. God’s word plays its full role only when its teaching is faithfully applied to shape all aspects of our lives to be pleasing to God. The preacher has a solemn duty to be God’s spokesman without substituting God’s teaching with personal opinions. That the truth is not palatable to the audience does not change the preacher’s mission. There are those who take on the role of ministers whose loyalty is not to God, and are loved by those who hear them for saying what they want to hear. But God’s servants must carry out their work in reverent fear of the Almighty. Apostle Paul himself provides us the model for faithful service which will be rewarded by God. Just as our Lord’s return is certain, so is the judgment and reward of all service rendered in His name.

Session 7 – Saturday Evening


Dr. Mark Bailey

Our Courage from Christ as Defender (2 Tim. 4:9-22)

The strength and protection of the Lord is a key encouragement given the inevitable reality that some people will fall away and some will stay true to their faith and ministry.